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XPG Launches Innovative New Baccarat Game

October, 2022
XPG Enhances Fair Play with Revolutionary New Baccarat Game We are thrilled to announce the launch of XPG's latest addition to our live casino game lineup – an innovative new baccarat game designed to enhance transparency and fairness for our players. This exciting development reflects our ongoing commitment to providing the most secure and engaging gaming experiences in the industry. Revolutionary Dealing Method: One of the key features of our new baccarat game is a unique dealing method aimed at addressing common player concerns about game integrity. In traditional live casino settings, players often worry about the fairness of the card dealing process. At XPG, we understand the importance of trust and have introduced a game-changing approach to put those fears to rest. How It Works: In our new baccarat game, the dealer places six cards face down on the table before the betting phase begins. This allows players to place their bets while the cards are already in view but still face down. Once all bets are placed, the dealer simply turns over the cards to reveal the outcome. This transparent dealing method ensures that the cards are untouched during the betting phase, significantly reducing any concerns about potential manipulation. Player Benefits: • Enhanced Transparency: By allowing players to see the cards on the table before placing their bets, we provide a clear and open gaming environment. • Increased Trust: This innovative dealing method builds player confidence in the fairness of the game, enhancing their overall gaming experience. • Same Exciting Gameplay: Players can enjoy the classic thrills of baccarat with the added assurance of a fair dealing process. A Commitment to Fair Play: At XPG, we are constantly seeking ways to improve our games and meet the evolving needs of our players. The introduction of this new baccarat game is a testament to our dedication to fair play and our willingness to innovate for the benefit of our gaming community. We invite all our players to try out this exciting new baccarat game and experience the difference for themselves. As always, XPG remains committed to delivering top-notch gaming experiences that combine excitement, fairness, and integrity. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from XPG as we continue to lead the way in the live casino industry. Happy gaming!